. The project

Gravity Defied - Trial Racing [GDTR] started as a small project in february/march 2004. The initial goal was to write a fun game suitable to enter the Excitera Mobile Awards 2004 (EMA04) contest. The focus of the game, trial racing, came from brainstorming sessions in early project stages. Development of this concept proved that it was suitable for the mobile platform and possible for us to implement in the limited time frame available. The game at this stage was called A-Trial.

As development continued, the response from our friends indicated that we had an interesting game underway. Not knowing what competition we would face we went to the EMA04 finals in Stockholm, may 2004.

The finals were tough with many good entries but our game A-Trial finally came out on top and won the best-in-show award.

After the awards we all wanted to proceed with the project to make a finished game. This work continued during the summer 2004 and in late august the demo of the final product could be released.

The demo of the final product have now been downloaded over 5000 times and the full version of the game was relased early april 2005.

We hope that as many people as possible will try GDTR and enjoy it as much as we do!

. The team

The GDTR development team is:
  • Henrik Johansson - system/game logic/gui programming, testing, level designer
  • Set Norman - graphics/physics/math/system/tools programming, level designer
  • David Jacobsson - physics programming, game graphics, level designer

Contact us at: gdtr[at]codebrew.se

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