Gravity Defied - Trial Racing [GDTR] is a motorcycle trial racing game bringing realistic physics to the mobile platform. The objective of the game is to race as quickly as possibly through the obstacle-ridden courses. The robust physics engine used in GDTR allows for both racing and trial style challenges. Whether you are trying to maintain good traction along the racing course or gain maximum altitude to overcome an obstacle, reality is realisticly mirrored. No two challenges are the same and almost any challenge can be solved using different approaches.

The fastest player's time is registered in the highscore. The highscores are comparable across devices which makes it easy to compete against your friends.

The game runs on most Java enabled mobile phones. For support for your specific phone model, see the faq section.

. Long awaited update - posted: 2008-10-10
Yes. We're still alive. Please follow this link to new stuff.
. Update - posted: 2006-01-31
Long time has passed since the last update. Since then we've recieved tons of positive feedback. The demo is still heavily downloaded and we have reached 15000 copies. We have recieved many interesting proposals on possible updates and developments of GDTR and have been talking a lot about this and new ideas. Keep an eye on this webpage for future developments!
. Game review - posted: 2005-05-25
A review of GDTR can now be found at midlet-review. Feel free to make up your own mind by downloading the demo.
. Payment methods - posted: 2005-04-04
There has been some unclarity regarding the payment and downloading methods available at SoftwareCellulari. You can choose not to download the game via SMS (thus skipping the SMS fee) by clicking on the icon showing a phone and a computer at the top of the "Product Basket" page. After proceeding you can choose to pay using Paypal, Visa or Banktransfer and then download the game to your computer. We hope you will enjoy the game!
. Full version released - posted: 2005-04-02
Today, Gravity Defied - Trial Racing, has been released! The full version can currently be found at but we expect that it will be available from more online stores soon. Currently we only state that it will work on a selected set of Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones. However if the free demo works on your phone it is likely but not guaranteed that the full version will work as well. We hope to extend the set of supported phones to include Siemens and other as soon as possible. We wish to thank all of you who have given us feedback on the game and supported us through the development phase.We hope you will enjoy the game and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have an questions about the full version.
. Demo downloads - posted: 2005-02-15
We have the good news to inform you that as of today almost five thousand (5000) copies of the demo has been downloaded. Look in the demo section for instructions for how you can get your own copy.
. Site update - posted: 2005-01-27
As you can see the webpage look-and-feel has been updated. You can now find images of all the tracks in the demo in the tracks-section. Remember to register your e-mail if you haven't done that before. Don't forget to try the black/white button on the left also.
. Release candidate - posted: 2005-01-24
The project has now gone into the next stage. The release candidate is currently undergoing final testing. A new demo with the latest bug-fixes has also been produced. This demo features one new full track with some worthy trial-challanges for the experienced driver. Enjoy!
. Register problems - posted: 2005-01-24
Due to problems with the register for release information function, people that registered during the last month should re-register. Any duplicates will be removed.
. Full version release somewhat delayed - posted: 2004-12-15
The release of the full version of GDTR has been somewhat delayed. The GDTR development team is now aiming for an early 2005 release. Merry christmas to you all!
. Full version status - posted: 2004-11-01
The GDTR development team is currently gearing up for the pre-christmas release of the full version of the game. Some new images featuring levels from the finished game can be found in the images section.
. New demo version - posted: 2004-09-13
As of today an updated demo-version has been released. This update mainly consists of bugfixes and a few new features. Read more in the demo section.
. Register for release information - posted: 2004-09-08
You can now register your e-mail address if you want to recieve information about the full version of Gravity Defied - Trial Racing when it's released.
. Demo released - posted: 2004-08-27
As of today the free demo version of Gravity Defied - Trial Racing has been released. The demo features two different bikes, five tracks of different difficulty and lots of realistic physics. Instructions for how to download the demo can be found in the demo section.
. Formerly known as A-Trial - posted: 2004-08-25
The game formerly known as A-Trial is now called Gravity Defied - Trial Racing. Gravity, because that's the main opponent when doing trial racing and Defied because we think it's fun to beat the forces which stops us from doing what we like.
. SonyEricsson developer news - posted: 2004-05-26
A-Trial has been given attention in the SonyEricsson developer news.
. Best in show - posted: 2004-05-19
A-Trial won Excitera Mobile Awards 2004 which resulted in a Best in show award. The game was one of over 40 applications entering the contest.
   "Very entertaining and addictive game that with an excellent physics engine and good game play already has stolen several hours. With some development of the graphics this game has possibility to become a mobile classic."
(note 2004-08-27, now graphics has been improved...)
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